I had an amazing shoot with Victor Giganti in Brooklyn for Marc Marlon New York fashion last week. Victor is an amazing photographer and Marc is an amazing designer, so what more could I hope for?

The shoot last week adds to a shoot I did for MarcMarlon New York in April. I was on a involved with a film festival at the time though so it is my good luck that I got to come back and shoot more with Victor!

If you want to check out more of Victor’s work, go to his instagram page


Hitting the Festival Circuit and winning Best Short Film

Two Chairs has hit the festival circuit and is so far doing well. It won the Best Short Film award at the Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival, Best American Film at the Los Angeles Cinematography Award and was selected for the LA Webfest. Currently, it is a semi-finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards!

New Projects

I have been cast in a couple of feature films. One, Vindication, is shooting now, though I expect my scenes to be shot later this year. The other, The Haunting of Prince Dom Pedro, will mostly film next year. More on both these films as they progress.


The Door is hitting the Festival Circuit.

This short horror film Has so far shown at the New York Long Island Film Festival, the Northeastern Film Festival and the International Film Festival Manhattan. I play a supporting role as the Demon. It was written and directed by Andrew Froening, who was also directed Soulmate with Jay Palmieri.


The teaser for Two Chairs is released! Watch it here! The movie is expected to premiere in the Fall!

starring David Ogrodowski and Christopher Kai

written by: Vincent Spada

executive producers: Ashley McKee,

Wes Fisher, Enni Eastman

directed by: Enni Eastman

On another note, some more images were added to my portfolio….


Had an amazing time last week shooting “Soulmate” out in New Jersey for Jay Palmieri Jr and Andrew Froening. I had the opportunity to work an amazing actress, Jillian Geurts, in a supporting role as her husband, Tim. It’s always such an great time to work with somebody with whom you can instantly fall into character and stay there.

The makeup artist also did an awesome job but I don’t want to give too much away.  This horror flick will be a good time.