I just discovered that “Faction” is available on Amazon Prime! Just click on the title if you would like to watch it!


“A mysterious interrogation beyond time and space will reverse the core of human existence, Forever.” 

Starring David Ogordowski and myself, Two Chairs was shot in December 2020 with a very small cast and crew, and will be premiering at Tull Family Theatre in Sewickley on June 11th at 7pm.  Here’s the poster and some BTS photos

Some of the work in post….


Faction was shot in 2019 and won several film festival awards in 2020, such as Best Science Fiction in the Philly Independent Film Festival. You can find clips from this movie on the video page, but I am including some stills and BTS shots here. 

I’m really catching up a bit in this blog post, and probably the next, because I’m just starting the blog but I really wanted to include some of these shot in the blog. Also, to be honest, I’m pretty proud of this film.